RateNow AlertMe

Proactively respond to concerns and issues through realtime text alerts. Turn detractors into promoters by solving problems before they escalate.

Rescuing your relationships has never been more immediate. RateNow AlertMe gives you the power to resolve concerns and promote loyalty while people are still on the premises, in the experience.

The process is simple – you use KnowNow to collect realtime feeback, and the system alerts you to respondents with an unresolved need or concern.

You ask respondents who provide low ratings for their consent to be contacted for immediate follow-up. If the person agrees, their phone number is texted to you immediately, within 30 seconds, and you respond as soon as possible.

You can custom-design the parameters for each KnowNow question you ask, to generate alerts for specific customer responses to individual questions. You can also create follow-up opportunities for all respondents. It’s totally flexible and adaptable to your specific needs.

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    The Need for Customer Service

    In the last year 54% of customers switched providers or brands, citing frustrating customer service as the top reason (64%).

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    The Power of Proactivity

    88% of consumers want to engage with retailers/brands who care about meeting their expectations.

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    The Benefit of Loyalty

    Customer spend grows alongside trust. Eventually, loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones.

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    The Cost of Losing a Customer

    It costs 5 times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.

How AlertMe Looks On An iPhone

  • What the respondent does:

  • What you get less than 10 seconds later:

Simple and Beautiful, Right?