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Campaign season is noisy.
Get Loud with ElectText.
Political texting that gets heard.
Peer to Peer and Broadcast messaging.
SMS and MMS.
Fully compliant.
Wildly effective.
Engage groups of constituents and interact with individuals with the simplest solution available.

Engage your people with…

How can ElectText help your campaign?

It’s a fast, easy, and proven way to reach your people at the right time, all the time.

Now you and your staff can send messages AND have two-way, human conversations with voters that drive engagement and action.

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    Broadcast Your Message at the Right Time, All the Time

    Reach your people in a fraction of the time phone calls take, with read and response rates 36 times better than email, using the messaging channel that they prefer.

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    Send Texts, Pictures, and Media Files

    Whatever you want delivered to your people, we can make it happen. Include graphics and media for even better engagement and response.

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    Have Real Conversations

    You and your Staff can engage realtime, all the time, using technology that your everybody already uses. Shared inboxes make it simple for you and your staff to work together to answer questions and carry conversations to action.

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    Guarantee Urgent Messages Get Heard

    Drive voter turnout during election windows, accelerate momentum to reach critical milestones, share successes and progress, and make sure you reach fundraising goals.

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    Organize Staff and Volunteers

    Text with your whole team, or segments of volunteers to organize and execute events, door-to-door outreach, and fundraising follow-up.

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    Excite Donors

    Stay engaged with your donors and fundraisers with targeted personalized stories, event information, mobile links to fundraising websites and more.

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    Understand Where You Stand

    Assess opinions and adjust strategy with flash polls that provide simple, reliable, powerful results.

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    Let Us Do the Work

    Full service. Just provide us your database, the message you want sent, and we make it happen in realtime.

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A Totally Simple, Friendly Interface

Manage text conversations, just like you do on your phone, but shared with your whole team.

Create and manage contacts to customize conversations and target messages.

Keep track of the entire history of the conversation.

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Immediate Deployment and Impact

Fast Import: Up to 250,000 contacts in 10 minutes

Fast Setup: You get us the message, the list, and the delivery time, and we do everything else

Fast Send: Up to 500,000 messages per hour

Fast Replies: Always-on access to replies for realtime responses and conversations


Why Texting?

97% of adults text, almost all of them every day.
More than 90% of text messages are read within 10 minutes.
You can control not just what messages your people receive, but when they read them.
5% of calls are answered. 15% of emails are opened. 20% of social media posts are viewed. 99% of texts get read.
Messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email and social media combined.
Every single mobile device sold has a texting application included out of the box. Texting is one of the five most used apps on virtually every phone.
Everybody texts.

In a mobile world, it’s one of the only mobile technologies that all of your people already use.

ElectText Pricing

11 Cents Per Message, Full Service.

Pay for only what you use. No contracts, no obligations, no pre-payments. So simple.

And, we're flexible.

Big discounts available for larger campaigns.

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