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Unfiltered, realtime feedback from your people. Hear from them right now to measure and improve every experience.

What do your people want you to know? With KnowNow, you'll know. Your people will answer your questions by texting their answers from their own phones.

Anything you want to know from your people, KnowNow can help you know. Throw away the Magic 8 Ball. Forget the hunches. Ignore the well meaning advice of your mother-in-law.

You capture feedback realtime, from the right people. You focus on the most important issues. You make the right decisions based on clear answers to your questions. The answers are always up-to-date and available right now.

KnowNow. Use texting to ask your questions and get your answers.

  • Connector.


    Your people already text. You use the power of texting to understand their experience.

  • Connector.


    They participate in-the-moment. Results are available immediately and always.

  • Connector.


    You get six questions, so you have to prioritize, to drill down to what’s most important. Reports are clear and to the point.

  • Connector.


    You choose your questions, and adapt whenever you choose. Closed-end, open-end, multiple choice, demographic – anything you want to know, you can know.

Videos on the Internet are catchy and cool. This is what our marketing robots tell us. So, we created this one, with catchy music and cool graphics.

We hope it makes you want to use texting to do customer surveys. That doesn't sound all that catchy and cool, but trust us, it is.

Try It Now!
Text RATENOW to 78619 to see KnowNow in action on your own phone.

How KnowNow Looks On An iPhone

  • You choose a KEYWORD.
    People text this KEYWORD to
    78619 to start.

  • They get a custom automated
    response. They reply 8 to
    begin the survey.

  • The first question comes. It can
    be any question at all, like this
    sensible yes/no about Jack and Jill.

  • The second question comes
    next, and the survey proceeds as
    a conversation.

  • Any type of question is possible –
    rating, demographic, yes/no,
    open-ended, or anything else.

  • After all questions are answered,
    they get a custom final text
    thanking them.

Real Understanding In Realtime

It's easy and it works.

We can have you texting with your people in 15 minutes.