BidNow Silent Auctions

The simplest way on earth to conduct a silent auction. Make your event fun, impactful, and easy.

BidNow makes auctions simple. So simple it may overwhelm you with soul crushing regret that you haven’t always done it this way.

It’s simple for you to run and it’s simple for your people to participate

Stay with us here, because this is all true:

  • Setting up the auction takes minutes and managing the auction takes seconds.
  • Participants bid straight from their own phone by doing something they do every day – texting.
  • The lack of papers, the simplicity of the system, the total void of chaos, these things are astonishing to those hardy souls who’ve braved the silent auctions of yesteryear.
  • Also, and perhaps the best thing – the finalizing and awarding process takes one click. Like Thanos in Avengers, only with, like, really good results, not the elimination of half the life in the universe.
  • One click!

BidNow is fun and exciting, and adds energy and friendly competition to your events. I mean, that sounds like a cheesy infomercial, but it is the truth. BidNow makes your event more fun, and the friendly competition makes for more revenue for your cause.

It’s simple and elegant for everyone involved – the organizer, the bidders, and the staff.

And, because robots work so cheap, the cost is a simple $200 setup fee plus $2 per auction item. That’s it.

Awesome Auctions At Ridiculously Low Cost

Because robots work so cheap, BidNow auctions are incredibly friendly to your budget.
$200 setup plus $2 per item.
That’s all.

Why Auctions Are Hard:

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    Paper Bids

    Paper bids attached to each item have no engagement, no awareness of bid progress, and are difficult to manage.

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    No Competition

    Bidders aren’t aware of when they are outbid, and suffer rapid auction fatigue trying to track each item.

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    Hoops to Jump Through

    Paper auctions require constant checking-in. Some mobile solutions require registration or app downloads or relentless screen scrolling.

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    Stale & Cumbersome

    Even with interesting items and great causes, traditional auctions are more of a chore than an activity. They feel like homework instead of play.

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    Tracking Winners

    At auction close, papers are collected and a heavy load of manual labor is required to identify, sort, and total winners.

How We Make Them Easy:

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    Mobile Bids

    Mobile bidding allows people to engage in the auction using only the device they keep within three feet, 24 hours per day.

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    Outbid Alerts

    Every time a bidder is outbid, they’ll get a text with the new bid amount and a prompt asking them if they want to bid again.

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    Technology Everybody Uses

    94% of American adults text at least weekly. BidNow uses this already-established behavior to maximize and simplify participation.

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    Fun & Exciting

    It’s a mobile world. People love using the simplicity of their phone whenever they can. And Outbid Alerts create a friendly competitive environment that maximizes bid amounts.

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    One-Click Instant Results

    At auction close, you click one button to alert and instruct winners, and to export bids to a simple spreadsheet for awards and checkout.