The Simplest Auctions On The Planet!


Your auctions should be simple. Simple for you, simple for your people.  BidNow is the simplest.

You’ve already got your Free Account.  Now we’re going to help you use it.  It’s so simple.  Honestly, this will take a max of 10 minutes to do. Give us that amount of time, and you’ll learn a huge chunk of what you need to know to run your auction in the simplest, most elegant, most effective way possible.


So, here’s our free Simple Guide to Earth’s Simplest Auctions – a downloadable PDF that will show you how to create, manage, and wrap-up your auctions, making your events wildly successful without being wildly overwhelming and wildly expensive.

Simple Guide to Earth’s Simplest Auctions



And finally, if you’ve logged in to check things out, and you want to see more about how BidNow actually works, how it looks on the phones of your bidders, check out this video that we crafted with love and devotion and very expensive software: