It’s a mobile world, and it’s crowded.

A couple of numbers too large for the human brain to really comprehend, in support of this thesis:

In 2018, there were 194 billion app downloads worldwide.

Nearly 7 billion texts are sent every day in the US.

Here’s a link with these stats, and like a zillion more, for you doubters and also people who demand, like, evidence to believe stuff you read on the Internet.  Thanks a lot, Snopes. There’s some awesome stats at this link, so proceed only if you’ve got a bit of spare time right now:

App Download and Usage Statistics (2019)

The point is, in a mobile world, Apps give a business life.  Something like 90% of consumers keep their phones within three feet of their person, 24 hours per day.  There’s nothing like it, in the history of humans.  Therefore, connecting with your people in a mobile world is essential.  It drives loyalty, and loyalty is the holy grail of business.

There are some absolutely fascinating statistics about App awareness, App downloads, App adoption, and App churn, many of which we shall discover and discuss together here in the comfort of the Get Loud blog for as long as we decide to keep the Get Loud blog going, which most days seems like it will be eternity, so buckle up.

To start, here are two App facts for your edification and enjoyment:

  1. In 2018, the App as we know it turned 10.  Happy belated decade birthday, App!
  2. 90 days after download, the average App has had a churn rate of 96%.  Stated another way, after three months, just 4% of people who download an App still use the App.

Businesses like Apps because, after development cost, they are free.  And the development cost keeps shrinking.  And a sticky App makes for a serious Mutual Admiration Society between a brand and its customers.  Like, look how happy this stock photo woman is to be connecting with her favorite brands on her phone! Wow!

The problem is this churn rate.  Take out your phone right now, and count the Apps you’re carrying.  Chances are, you are carrying many, many apps.  Like, you’re probably carrying as many Apps .  Now, count the ones you’ve used today, this week, this month.  If you’re like most folks, that number is somewhere around 15.  So, figure out how to sticky up your App.  Do that.  There’s alllllll kinds of experts and influencer-intensive people out there who can help you with that.  And even the Get Loud blog here, we’ll talk about some of that.

But, to keep it simple, and because we are texting zealots, think about this – 96% of phone owners in the United States text at least weekly.  That is sticky.  That’s sticky like Gorilla Glue mixed with pine sap mixed with the suction cup of a giant squid.  So, while you’re stickying up your App, also connect with your people using technology they’re already using.

Texting is simple and it works!

Also, I keep capitalizing App.  It’s been fun.  I’ll stop doing that now.

And also, the old Get Loud blog sometimes gets a little salesy.  Forgive us our zealotry.  It’s a phase.  It won’t always be like this.  Just lots of the time, but not always.

Get Loud!



The Wonderful World of Apps – Part 1
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