Honey Bee Produce Company

Honey Bee Produce Company focuses on produce, natural, organic, and specialty items, and Utah-grown and made products. Honey Bee introduced itself to the world with a whiz-bang of a Grand Opening last month. Along with produce, local, and specialty items, the store also has an in-store restaurant called The Hive with a variety of made-fresh meals from pizza to wok bowls, a fresh bakery and meat department, a beer cave, Honey Bee Online online shopping, and Go Skip mobile checkout.

Honey Bee, because they are super smart, is using a few RateNow texting applications to engage their guests. They send a weekly text grocery deal (keyword: HBTEXTS), a daily lunch special text (keyword: MEALDEAL) to The Hive Eatery, and they invite customers to text their email address to supplement Honey Bee’s email marketing capabilities.

It’s a great place, smart people, using text to enhance the way they engage their guests. Text MEALDEAL to 78619 to see their texting wizardry in action.

It’s Easy and It Works

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  

Leonardo da Vinci said it. He said it through that well trimmed mustache and that surprisingly verdant beard. 

Steve Jobs built Apple around it. 

In the world of the information revolution, it’s hard to keep things simple. Everything is so loud. So much clutter. So much noise. 

We want to help you cut through all that and keep things simple. Texting is simple. It’s simple for you, it’s simple for your people.  And because it’s simple, it works. 

So forget the million miles an hour world that promises sophistication but only really brings confusion.  Talk to your people where they’re at. 

Texting is easy and it works. 


What’s This All About?

We have this crazy theory that people like doing business with actual people, not well-dressed automatons that speak only fluent MBA and are always Power Lunching and turn every single conversation into a treatise on their career and synergy and blah blah blah.

We think people like doing business with real, honest-to-goodness people, and the more they know somebody, the more they want to do business with them. So, this blog is to help you get to know RateNow as one of your people. Our people to your people.

So, you’ll see much information about texting, about how our clients are using texting to connect with their people, about how our competition and their clients are using texting to connect with people, about mobile marketing, and about marketing in general. And you’ll see some about us, who we are, our lives as non-automatons.

We want you to keep doing business with us. This blog is about making sure you want to do that.