Introducing <drumroll> <searchlights> <bated breath> <handsome featured extra gazing expectantly into the middle distance>…

The RateNow Blog!!!

Whoopity dooooo!!!!!!

Because what the world needs, in our opinion, is another business blog that people don’t read and that peters out in six weeks due to a total lack of interest!  Or something.

Anyway, we’ve started this blog because we have this crazy theory that people like doing business with read, honest-to-goodness people, not well-dressed automatons that speak only fluent MBA and are always Power Lunching and turn every single conversation into a treatise on their career and synergy and blah blah blah.

Yes, we think people like doing business with real, honest-to-goodness people, and the more they know somebody, the more they want to do business with them. So, this blog has two purposes:

  1. Help you get to know the RateNow crew as real, honest-to-goodness people
  2. Help you Get Loud through texting with your people, with such success that you and us can both buy yachts and spend our summers in the Caribbean

So, on this blog, you’ll see much information about texting, about how our clients are using texting to connect with their people, about how our competition and their clients are using texting to connect with people, about mobile marketing, and about marketing in general. And you’ll also see some about us, who we are, our lives as non-automatons.

We want you to keep doing business with us.

This blog is about making sure you want to do that.

That Thing For Which The Whole World Has Been Waiting…
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