Major props to all the geezers out there who were fanboys of Mr Hooper, yours truly included.  He was the shop owner on Sesame Street, and he was full of piss and vinegar, and he loved Big Bird and fresh produce and pretty much nothing else.  But boy, did he love Big Bird.

Were Mr Hooper still with us, he’d be texting like a wizard with the citizens of Sesame Street, because texting has so many applications for grocery stores. They love texting like Mr Hooper loved Big Bird.

Here’s a quick list of ten one-sentence ways our grocery clients are using texting to connect with their people:

1. A 19-store chain sends two weekly grocery specials exclusively to 30,000 text club members.

2. 15 stores of a larger chain send daily pre-made dinner deals to a list of 4,000 customers.

3. A 52-store chain uses a text autoresponder to generate downloads of their loyalty App.

4. A chain with 17 deli locations sends daily lunch specials to a list of over 10,000 customers.

5. A 13-store chain gets text alerts when customers are ready to pickup their online orders at the curb.

6. A co-op advertises and collects daily orders for meat, produce, and bakery items among 350 co-op member stores.

7. A 42-store chain sends location-specific flash grocery deals.

8. A 13-store chain texts links to weekly mailer pages to supplement email open rates.

9. An 8-store chain collects customer feedback during their shopping experience.

10. A single store operation sends 400 messages per week, advertising deli and grocery specials.

These are all effective ways to use texting, and no matter your industry, we can make it work for you, too. No matter what you’re doing, texting can enhance it. Hit us up, and let’s find how it best works for you!


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Grocery Stores Love Texting Like Mr Hooper Loved Big Bird
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