I think probably 65% of the time, when I ride an elevator, I think, at least briefly, about the film Sliding Doors, starring Gwyneth Paltrow (rawr!).  No offense to those art-intensive individuals who certainly worked very hard to bring this film into the world, but, if I remember right, it essentially sucked.  So, why do I think about this film, at least briefly, on approximately 2/3 of my elevator rides?  I have no idea.  I also think of getting stuck on the elevator and having to relieve myself in the elevator shaft on approximately 100% of my elevator rides, so maybe the Sliding Doors thing isn’t really that big of a deal.

My point is that elevators are so great, and so shiny, and they ushered in the Era of the Skyscraper.

However, the best part of an elevator is thinking about The Elevator Pitch.  I’m sure you know this, but The Elevator Pitch is like, if your perfect potential client happened to get on the elevator with you, and you had 30 seconds to sell them on your brand, what would you say?  What’s the pitch?

Here, then, is The Elevator Pitch for texting with RateNow. As you read, please imagine yourself and myself as one of these really, really good looking power-stancing business types on this totally non-posed, totally real life elevator ride at the Office Building for Beautiful People in some mystical realm where every man has a perfect jaw line and every woman looks like a cast member from Friends.

And now, The Pitch!:

Everybody texts. It’s simple and it works.

In a mobile world, the best way to create radically loyal customers is to connect with them – wherever they are, all the time, using technology they already use.

With RateNow, you use texting (which 97% of adults already use) to connect with your people.

If you want your people to know something, we can help you make sure they know it. You’ll send texts that 95% will read within 10 minutes.

If you want to know something from your people, we can help you know it. You’ll collect realtime feedback about their experience.

Any way you want to text with your people, we can do it with you.

It could not be easier or more powerful.

And it starts as low as $50 per month.

So, stop being an idiot, and start texting!

Alright, it sounds a little too MBA, and the call to action at the end might not appeal to anyone with an ounce of self respect.  But that’s the pitch. Text because it’s the single most effective way to engage your people in a mobile world.

The end.

The Elevator Pitch
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