We here at the RateNow Get Loud blog are proud graduates of the University of Utah. Today marks the day of the year when the warrior poets of the Utah football team play against those mouth breathing ne’er-do-wells from BYU.  It’s gonna be a fun day.  Maybe.

Not an actual giant U at the U campus. A letter that size would be terrifying.

But, you may ask, how does this relate to texting?  Duh.  Isn’t it obvious??  Auto Campaigns!!

An Auto Campaign is a nifty little feature that lets you send pre-programmed messages to your people at specific times, based on when they joined your text group.

For example, if you were a dentist, we’d be able to diagnose you with a sever psychological condition based on your desire to inflict needless and unrelenting pain on other human beings.  However, the world needs dentists, because who else would use all this extra fluoride lying around?

So anyway, if you were a dentist, and you wanted to remind your patients to floss their teeth between their super fun and uplifting check-ups with you, an Auto Campaign could let you do this.  You’d use your delicate fingers to login to RateNow, and you’d create a message like this:

Hey! It’s your dentist! Floss your teeth, because nobody wants to see that four day old asparagus between your Bicuspids!”

You’d then choose how many days from when this patient joined your text group to send this message.  And, being a dentist, you’d probably choose 666 days.  So, And voila!, that’s it! Every patient who joined your text group would receive the above message 666 days from when they joined.

“You may feel a tiny little tweak of pain here…”

You could create as many messages as you wanted for this Auto Campaign, and send them on whatever days you wanted.  The beauty is, you’d only create these dental hygiene reminder messages one time, you’d pick the number of days from the join date that you’d want each message sent, and the Auto Campaign feature would deliver them.  That’s it.

OK, great, but what does this have to do with Utah treating BYU like a disobedient cocker spaniel on the gridiron tonight?  Well, I’ll tell you.

If I were a total jerk, which I am not, I would be quick to alert every person on earth to the existence of the website riseandshout.net.  Riseandshout.net was created and maintained by some Einstein-level genius, and it has one purpose – counting the days since BYU last beat Utah.  Go ahead, click over there!  Check it out!  Glory in that number!  Wooohoooo!!!!



So, again, if I were a total jerk, I would probably setup an Auto Campaign with the loving, wonderful BYU fans in my life, and they’d get a text reminder every single day to visit riseandshout.net for their daily update.  Every day!  A text update!  Wouldn’t that be fun??????

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be entirely possible, because these BYU Fans would have to opt-in to my Auto Campaign, and they could leave it anytime by replying STOP or END or UTAHSUCKS to any message they’d receive. Those are just the rules.  Even in a serious matter like this, we can’t SPAM people.  It’s like our Hippocratic oath.

So, like, not actually going to happen, but super fun to dream about.  Like a dentist dreaming about having a giant power drill in each hand to powderize the teeth of a totally innocent victim!

Auto Campaigns are great.  There are a million uses for them, and I’d be shocked if there wasn’t some way your business could benefit.

And if not your business, you could at least use them to try to torment your sports enemies.

Go Utes!


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